What is "re-open nominations (RON)"?

Re-open nominations, or RON for short, is an option that all voters have to say that the available candidates are not suitable for the position.  If RON wins, then the election will be ran again and nominations for the post shall re-open allowing others to stand.  The candidates already in the election will be able to stand again.

Why should you vote for RON?

You should vote for RON if you don't believe the available candidates are suited to the position they are standing for.

If you think some of the candidates are suited to the election, and others aren't, you can vote for RON as one of your preferences.  For example, you can vote two candidates 1 & 2, then vote RON for your number 3 preference.

You do not have to vote for RON at all.

What happens if RON wins?

If RON wins the election, a by-election shall be held.  New candidates can stand for the election, and the existing candidtes can also re-stand.